Ground Zero Productions
Ground Zero has been serving the greater Macomb area for
the past 10 years.  We specialize in school dances.
Our Homecoming and Prom packages are some of the most
exciting systems of their kind.

Homecoming sound systems:    
Most DJ’s fail to offer the “BIG
SOUND” needed to accommodate groups larger than 500
students.  Our experience in live sound allows us to set up
systems that fill the dance floor with high quality thumping
sound.  These systems can produce sound for groups up to
3000 students in a large room.  We use Mackie and JBL
speakers and sub-woofers.  They are one of the industry
standards in live sound reinforcement.  

The right music for your event.
We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.  We are
a member of the Global Mobile Entertainers Association and
participate in the Live Sound Carriers Forum.

Our music is provided by ERG music.  A leading DJ only music
supplier that surveys the markets and assures that we
always have the current hits.
Our music is radio edited—safe for students!  We carry over
15,000 songs in our school dance portfolio.
A member of "The School Dance Network"  a network of DJ's that offer
teens a safe choice in music.  Radio edited content appropriate music
for Jr High and High School students.

Music video package:
Get the picture!  We use a Da-lite 7.5x10 rear projection
screens for our larger homecoming dances.  This screen can
be seen from the back of any large gym.  We can also provide
smaller screen options for groups that do not need a large

More than music videos:
Our video package does more than provide a few brief
opportunities to show a music video.  We incorporate your
current themes right into our production.  We will help create a
power point that blends your special event theme right into the
Slides of homecoming court
Background theme photos
Special dance rules
Senior class slide show for proms
We hand select our music videos to assure that they meet the
same “RADIO EDITED” standard that our music uses.  
Our videos are fun to watch and most of all fun to dancehttp://www. to!
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Ground Zero Productions

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