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Recommending a photographer and Video specialist is a difficult thing to do.

There are a ton of talented people that have a great eye and produce a portfolio on your special day!  Yet there
are a few people who bring the entire package to your special day!  The way they work in the reception - the way
they take every advantage of the room, group, dances well just the whole package!
They offer the greatest quality of service and have shown themselves to be the best of the best!  

These photographers are great to work with as a DJ but you can see in the work they do - they are a step above
the crowded photography scene!

Give them a call and take all the risk out of your pictures!

Let them know that Ground Zero Productions referred their services.

Tony has completed over 350 weddings in his career.  He has had the opportunity to work with the Metro areas  
best photographers in some of the most elegant venues in Michigan.  Some DJ services offer photography and
video services as part of one stop shopping services.  

The truth is any photographer can do your wedding!
Do you want any photographer shooting your special day?  
The photographers that we recommend we have worked with on many occasions.
The work they do stands alone in quality and price,

Give them a call.
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Photography by Kathryn
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